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Whole cell patch clamp for investigating the mechanisms of infrared neural stimulation.

William GA Brown, Karina Needham, Bryony A Nayagam, Paul R Stoddart

Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE | Published : 2013


It has been demonstrated in recent years that pulsed, infrared laser light can be used to elicit electrical responses in neural tissue, independent of any further modification of the target tissue. Infrared neural stimulation has been reported in a variety of peripheral and sensory neural tissue in vivo, with particular interest shown in stimulation of neurons in the auditory nerve. However, while INS has been shown to work in these settings, the mechanism (or mechanisms) by which infrared light causes neural excitation is currently not well understood. The protocol presented here describes a whole cell patch clamp method designed to facilitate the investigation of infrared neural stimulatio..

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