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The Dovyren intrusive complex (northern Baikal region, Russia): Isotope-geochemical markers of contamination of parental magmas and extreme enrichment of the source

AA Ariskin, LV Danyushevsky, EG Konnikov, R Maas, YA Kostitsyn, A McNeill, S Meffre, GS Nikolaev, EV Kislov

Russian Geology and Geophysics | Published : 2015


Abstract The Dovyren intrusive complex includes the ore-bearing (Cu–Ni–PGE) Yoko–Dovyren layered pluton (728 Ma, up to 3.4 km in thickness), underlying ultramafic sills, and comagmatic leuconorite and gabbro-diabase dikes. Studies of Sr–Nd–Pb isotope systems were carried out for 24 intrusive rocks and five associated low- and high-Ti basalts. The high-Ti basalts show 0.7028 ≤ (87Sr/86Sr)T ≤ 0.7048 and 4.6 ≤ εNd(T) ≤ 5.8, similar to the values in MORB. The intrusive basic and ultrabasic rocks are geochemically similar to the low-Ti formation, making a compact cluster of compositions with extremely high ratios of radiogenic Sr and Pb isotopes and low εNd values. The maximum enri..

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