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Catch evaluation of target, by-product and by-catch species taken by gillnets and longlines in the shark fishery of South-eastern Australia

TI Walker, RJ Hudson, AS Gason

Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science | Published : 2005


Experimental demersal gillnets and demersal longlines were deployed from research vessels on grounds of Mustelus antarcticus during 1973-76. Gillnet mesh-size had major effects on catch composition and catch rate, whereas gillnet hanging ratio, hook-size, hook shank-length and hook-spacing had minor effects. The gillnets and longlines were much more effective at catching chondrichthyans than teleosts, and catches of species of cephalopoda, bivalvia, gastropoda, mammalia, aves and reptilia were negligible. Any reduction in the present legal minimum mesh-size of 6 inch the shark fishery would markedly increase by-catch. In gillnets monitored by scientific observers aboard commercial vessels du..

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