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Isolation and characterization of a novel receptor-type protein tyrosine kinase (hek) from a human pre-B cell line.

AW Boyd, LD Ward, IP Wicks, RJ Simpson, E Salvaris, A Wilks, K Welch, M Loudovaris, S Rockman, I Busmanis

Journal of Biological Chemistry | Published : 1992


In this report we describe the identification and characterization of a novel tumor-associated receptor-type tyrosine kinase (hek). We produced a monoclonal antibody (III.A4) that detected a novel glycoprotein on the immunizing pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line (LK63). This antigen was shown to be expressed sporadically on hemopoietic tumor cell lines and on ex vivo tumors. However, using antibody staining, the molecule was undetectable on normal tissues. Further biochemical characterization showed this molecule (hek) to be a phosphoroprotein. This observation taken together with the tumor-associated nature of hek expression suggested that hek might be a receptor-type protein..

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