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Molecular cloning of HEK, the gene encoding a receptor tyrosine kinase expressed by human lymphoid tumor cell lines.

IP Wicks, D Wilkinson, E Salvaris, AW Boyd

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Published : 1992


We describe the molecular cloning of a receptor tyrosine kinase from a cell line (LK63) derived from a case of human pre-B-cell leukemia. We have previously shown that a monoclonal antibody (IIIA4) raised against LK63 recognized a glycosylated, cell-surface 135-kDa molecule (HEK), which displayed tyrosine kinase activity in vitro. The HEK protein was purified by using a IIIA4 antibody column and both N-terminal and internal amino acid sequences were obtained. A 51-mer degenerate oligonucleotide based on the internal amino acid sequence was used to screen an LK63-derived lambda gt10 cDNA library under low-stringency hybridization conditions. One clone of 2.5 kilobases (kb) was isolated and ch..

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