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Exercise alters mouse sperm small noncoding RNAs and induces a transgenerational modification of male offspring conditioned fear and anxiety

AK Short, S Yeshurun, R Powell, VM Perreau, A Fox, JH Kim, TY Pang, AJ Hannan



There is growing evidence that the preconceptual lifestyle and other environmental exposures of a father can significantly alter the physiological and behavioral phenotypes of their children. We and others have shown that paternal preconception stress, regardless of whether the stress was experienced during early-life or adulthood, results in offspring with altered anxiety and depression-related behaviors, attributed to hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation. The transgenerational response to paternal preconceptual stress is believed to be mediated by sperm-borne small noncoding RNAs, specifically microRNAs. As physical activity confers physical and mental health benefits for the ..

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Awarded by ARC FT3 Future Fellowship

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Ms Shanshan Li for assistance in tissue collection, and Professors Tim Bredy and Moira O'Bryan for comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript. RNA sequencing work was supported through the Illumina Pilot Grant Programme. This work was funded through an NHMRC project grant to AJH and TYP (GNT1083468), an ARC FT3 Future Fellowship to AJH (FT100100835) and supported by the Victorian Government through the Operational Infrastructure Scheme. AJH is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow (GNT1117148).