Conference Proceedings

Automated Production of I-124 and Cu-64 Using IBA Terimo and Pinctada Metal Electroplating and Processing Modules

SS Poniger, HJ Tochon-Danguy, HP Panopoulos, GJ O'Keefe, D Peake, R Rasool, AM Scott, MA AvilaRodriguez (ed.), JP ONeil (ed.), TE Barnhart (ed.), DW Dick (ed.), JM Koziorowski (ed.), SE Lapi (ed.), JS Lewis (ed.)

AIP Conference Proceedings | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2012


There is worldwide growing interest for the production of long-lived positron emitters for molecular imaging and the development of novel immuno-PET techniques for drugs discovery. The desire to produce solid target isotopes in Australia has significantly increased over the years and several research projects for labelling of peptides, proteins and biomolecules, including labelling of recombinant antibodies has been limited due to the availability of suitable isotopes. This has led to the recent installation and commissioning of a new lab dedicated to fully automated solid target isotope production, including 124I, 64Cu, 89Zr and 86Y.


Funding Acknowledgements

The funding provided for the construction of our new solid targetry facility is an ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization) /Austin /LICR (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research) partnership.