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Comparison of optimised planar scintigraphy with SPECT thallium, exercise ECG and angiography in the detection of coronary artery disease.

PJ Roach, PS Hansen, AM Scott, RA Cooper, R Hoschl, JC Wiseman, A Bernar, AC Edwards

Internal Medicine Journal | Published : 1996


BACKGROUND: Thallium SPECT has been shown to be more sensitive than planar imaging in the detection of coronary heart disease (CAD) in a number of reported series. Early ( 70% stenosis) CAD, seven patients with borderline stenoses (50-69%) and in 18 patients with no significant CAD. RESULTS: The sensitivity of planar imaging was 66% which was higher than exercise ECG 54% (ns) but significantly lower than SPECT 86% (p < 0.005). The specificity of planar thallium scintigraphy was 100% which was higher than SPECT (83%) and significantly higher than exercise ECG 72% (p < 0.05). SPECT had a significantly higher sensitivity for LAD and single vessel disease than planar imaging and this was unrelat..

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