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Antibody targeting in metastatic colon cancer: a phase I study of monoclonal antibody F19 against a cell-surface protein of reactive tumor stromal fibroblasts.

S Welt, CR Divgi, AM Scott, P Garin-Chesa, RD Finn, M Graham, EA Carswell, A Cohen, SM Larson, LJ Old

J Clin Oncol | Published : 1994


PURPOSE: To define the toxicity, imaging, and biodistribution characteristics of iodine 131-labeled monoclonal antibody F19 (131I-mAbF19). MAbF19 recognizes the fibroblast activation protein (FAP), a cell-surface glycoprotein not present in most normal tissues, but abundantly expressed by reactive stromal fibroblasts of epithelial cancers, including more than 95% of primary and metastatic colorectal carcinomas. PATIENTS AND METHODS: 131I-mAbF19 was administered intravenously to 17 patients with hepatic metastases from colorectal carcinoma who were scheduled for resection of localized metastases or insertion of hepatic artery catheter for regional chemotherapy. Seven to 8 days before surgery,..

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