Journal article

TANGO - a screening tool to identify comorbidities on the causal pathway of nocturia.

Wendy F Bower, Georgie E Rose, Claire F Ervin, Jeremy Goldin, David M Whishaw, Fary Khan

BJU Int | Published : 2017


OBJECTIVES: To develop a robust screening metric for use in identifying non-lower urinary tract comorbidities pertinent to the multidisciplinary assessment of patients with nocturia. METHODS: Variables having a significant risk association with nocturia of greater than once per night were identified. Discriminating items from validated and reliable tools measuring these comorbidities were identified. A self-completed 57-item questionnaire was developed and a medical checklist and pertinent clinical measures added. Pre-determined criteria were applied to retain or remove items in the development of the Short-Form (SF) screening tool. The tool was administered to 252 individuals with nocturia ..

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