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Absence of significant cellulase activity in microbial flora of the female genital tract.

SM Garland, YC Tsai, MI Kendrick, EH Kass

Infect Immun | Published : 1987


It has been postulated that toxic shock syndrome may be mediated by the hydrolysis of certain tampon fibers by bacteria of the female genital tract, leading to the release of glucose that would in turn serve as a substrate for the multiplication of staphylococci producing the toxic shock marker protein (TSST-1). We sought cellulolytic organisms among microorganisms isolated from the female genital tract throughout the menstrual cycle. A total of 288 aerobic and facultative vaginal isolates from 13 healthy female volunteers, aged 18 to 25, and 57 anaerobes from the same sources were screened for cellulase activity. No evidence of production of glucose or degradation of cellulose was found; he..

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