Journal article

Effects of mesh modification on the structure of a mandrel-grown biosynthetic vascular prosthesis.

JA Ramshaw, F Casagranda, JF White, GA Edwards, JA Hunt, DF Williams, JA Werkmeister

J Biomed Mater Res | Published : 1999


Mandrel-grown, mesh-reinforced vascular prostheses require adequate tissue coverage of the mesh for effective clinical function, particularly in low blood flow situations. Development of the ovine collagen-based Omniflowtrade mark vascular prosthesis has shown that the extent of this tissue cover is dependent on the interactions of the mandrel and the mesh with the sheep host. In the present study, the effects of chemical changes to the mesh have been examined. These data indicate that certain treatments of the mesh, particularly collagen or heparin, lead to increased tissue coverage while the number of sheep cells present and the ultrastructure of the resulting vessel remain unchanged.

University of Melbourne Researchers