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Wood Dust in Joineries and Furniture Manufacturing: An Exposure Determinant and Intervention Study

Jeroen Douwes, Kerry Cheung, Bradley Prezant, Mark Sharp, Marine Corbin, Dave McLean, Andrea 't Mannetje, Vivi Schlunssen, Torben Sigsgaard, Hans Kromhout, Anthony D LaMontagne, Neil Pearce, James D McGlothlin



Objectives: To assess wood dust exposures and determinants in joineries and furniture manufacturing and to evaluate the efficacy of specific interventions on dust emissions under laboratory conditions. Also, in a subsequent follow-up study in a small sample of joinery workshops, we aimed to develop, implement, and evaluate a cost-effective and practicable intervention to reduce dust exposures. Methods: Personal inhalable dust (n = 201) was measured in 99 workers from 10 joineries and 3 furniture-making factories. To assess exposure determinants, full-shift video exposure monitoring (VEM) was conducted in 19 workers and task-based VEM in 32 workers (in 7 joineries and 3 furniture factories). ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded by the Department of Labour (now WorkSafe New Zealand) and the New Zealand Health Research Council. The Centre for Public Health Research is funded through a Health Research Council Programme Grant. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Prof. Bill Glass and a team of students-Grace Chen, Sam Keer, and Helene Marsters-who conducted the cleaning intervention experiments and Koon Ching Wong for assisting with the statistical analyses. We also thank Festool for the loan of routers and orbital sanders and the shop owners/managers, joiners, and furniture makers who participated in this study. Also, we thank VEM Systems, LLC., and Purdue University for the use of their VEM patented data collection system.