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Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr dating of an Archean massive sulfide: Kid Creek, Ontario.

R Maas, MT McCulloch, I Campbell, PR Coad

Geology | Published : 1986


Highly altered felsic metavolcanics associated with a Cu-Zn massive sulphide deposit yield a Sm-Nd isochron of 2674 + or - 40 m.y. (initial ratio epsilon Nd 1.55 + or - 0.30), which represents the timing of REE redistribution during intense hydrothermal alteration. Contemporaneity of ore deposition, hydrothermal alteration and REE mobility is indicated by the consistency of the Sm/Nd age with the U/Pb zircon age. In contrast, the Rb/Sr age of the altered rocks and the metavolcanics outside the alteration zone has been reset at 2576 + or - 26 m.y. most likely resulting from widespread low-T metasomatism unrelated to ore deposition. Identical epsilon Nd (T) values for massive ore, altered fels..

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