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Fingerprinting feldstar phenocrysts using crystal isotopic composition stratigraphy: Implications for crystal transfer and magma mingling in S-type granites

TE Waight, R Maas, IA Nicholls

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology | Published : 2000


Microsampling of cm-scale feldspar crystals within an S-type granite from the Lachlan Fold Belt of southeastern Australia has revealed complex internal Sr and Nd isotopic variations. The observed isotopic zonations are in part interpreted as recording feldspar crystallisation in a dynamically mixing magma system, the isotopic composition of which was varying in response to the influx of more mafic and isotopically more mantle-like magmas, the latter stages of which are now represented in modified form by microgranular enclaves. Similar core to rim isotopic variations in feldspar megacrysts from a microgranular enclave and the adjacent host granite strongly suggest megacrysts in the enclave w..

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