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Provenance of Permian-Triassic volcaniclastic sedimentary terranes in New Zealand: Evidence from their radiogenic isotope characteristics and detrital mineral age patterns

CJ Adams, ME Barley, R Maas, MG Doyle

New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics | Published : 2002


Detrital mineral age patterns, Rb-Sr age, and initial strontium isotope ratio variations are reported for metasediments of the Brook Street, Dun Mountain-Maitai, and Murihiku Terranes (informally grouped as “central arc terranes") of New Zealand. U-Pb SHRIMP detrital zircon age populations in Late Permian Tramway Formation, sandstones of the Dun Mountain-Maitai Terrane in Nelson and Southland, New Zealand, show restricted Late Permian (253–268 Ma) and broader Devonian-Carboniferous (330–373 Ma) age components in about equal proportions, with a minor (<20%) proportion of early Paleozoic and Mesoproterozoic ages. The Permian component is related to contemporaneous volcanic inputs, whereas the ..

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