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Origins of Nd-Sr-Pb isotopic variations in single scheelite grains from Archaean gold deposits, Western Australia

J Brugger, R Maas, Y Lahaye, C McRae, M Ghaderi, S Costa, D Lambert, R Bateman, K Prince

Chemical Geology | Published : 2002


Accessory gangue scheelite (CaWO ) from the Archaean Mt. Charlotte lode Au deposit can be divided into two types with different rare earth element (REE) signatures. In some scheelite grains, specific REE signatures are reflected by different cathodoluminescence colours, which can be used to map their often complex oscillatory intergrowths. Domains with specific REE contents from two grains were sampled for Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr and Pb isotopic analyses using a micro-drilling technique. Type I scheelite is strongly enriched in middle REE (MREE) and Eu anomalies are either absent or slightly positive. Four fragments collected from Type I regions of two crystals have initial Sr/ Sr and ε values rangin..

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