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A search for fossil nuclear reactors in the Alligator River Uranium Field, Australia: Constraints from Sm, Gd and Nd isotopic studies

R Maas, MT McCulloch

Chemical Geology | Published : 1990


We report Gd, Sm and Nd isotope ratios from high-grade U ores and uraninites from the Alligator River Uranium Field, Northern Territory, Australia. Relatively large variations (up to 0.26%) are found in (normally invariant) 158Gd 157Gd and 150Sm 149Sm ratios due to neutron capture on 157Gd and 149Sm. Smaller variations (0.03%) are represent in the isotopic abundances of 145Nd and 142Nd (and by implication 143Nd) which are produced by admixture of isotopically exotic Nd from fission of 235U and 238U. Correlations in 158Gd/157GdU/Gd, 149Sm/150SmU/Sm and 142,145Nd/144NdU/Nd plots indicate that U-rare-earth element systems were approximately closed. This suggests that post-reactor contaminatio..

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