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The high prevalence of diabetes mellitus, impaired glucose tolerance and diabetic retinopathy in Nauru--the 1982 survey.

P Zimmet, H King, R Taylor, LR Raper, B Balkau, J Borger, W Heriot, K Thoma

Diabetes Research | Published : 1984


A population survey in 1982 has confirmed that Nauruan adults suffer from an extremely high prevalence of Type 2 (noninsulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus. The crude population prevalence of Type 2 diabetes was 24%. Abnormal glucose tolerance (impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes) was present in over 40% of the adult population and exceeded 80% in both sexes after the age of 55 yr. Diabetic retinopathy was present in 24% of diabetic patients, confirming that this Micronesian population is susceptible to the microvascular consequences of hyperglycaemia. Subjects with impaired glucose tolerance had a prevalence of retinopathy three times that of normal subjects, though the difference did not..

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