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Heat-producing crust regulation of subsurface temperatures: A stochastic model re-evaluation of the geothermal potential in southwestern Queensland, Australia

C Siegel, CE Schrank, SE Bryan, GR Beardsmore, DJ Purdy



A large subsurface, elevated temperature anomaly is well documented in Central Australia. High heat producing granites (HHPGs) intersected by drilling at Innamincka are often assumed to be the dominant cause of the elevated subsurface temperatures, although their presence in other parts of the temperature anomaly has not been confirmed. Geological controls on the temperature anomaly remain poorly understood. Additionally, methods previously used to predict temperature at 5. km depth in this area are simplistic and possibly do not give an accurate representation of the true distribution and magnitude of the temperature anomaly. Here we re-evaluate the geological controls on geothermal potenti..

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Funding Acknowledgements

C. Siegel is supported by the QUT Postgraduate Research Award. C. Siegel acknowledges support from QGECE and IFE for funding analytical experiments. We thank A. Antriasian and S. Egan for thermal conductivity measurements, A. Greig for ICPMS analysis of U, Th and K and ALS for XRF analysis of K<INF>2</INF>O. O. Gaede, T. Uysal, A. Kirkby and T. Meixner are thanked for discussions. Two anonymous reviewers and the editor J. Moore are thanked for providing comments that have significantly improved the manuscript.