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SWAP-70 controls formation of the splenic marginal zone through regulating T1B-cell differentiation

Michael Chopin, Laurence Quemeneur, Tatsiana Ripich, Rolf Jessberger

European Journal of Immunology | WILEY | Published : 2010


T1 and T2 transitional B cells are precursors for marginal zone B cells (MZB), which surround splenic follicles. MZB are essential for marginal zone formation, are central to the innate immune response, and contribute to adaptive immunity. Differentiation, migration, and homing of MZB and their precursors remain to be fully understood. We show that SWAP-70, a RhoGTPase-interacting and F-actin-binding protein with functions in cell polarization, migration, and adhesion regulates MZB development and marginal zone formation. The percentage of MZB in spleen of Swap70(-/-) mice was reduced to about one-third of that found in WT mice. Swap70(-/-) T1 cells accumulated in integrin ligand(high) regio..

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