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SWAP-70 deficiency causes high-affinity plasma cell generation despite impaired germinal center formation

Laurence Quemeneur, Veronique Angeli, Michael Chopin, Rolf Jessberger

Blood | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 2008


Germinal centers (GCs) are lymphoid tissue structures central to the generation of long-lived, high-affinity, antibody-forming B cells. However, induction, maintenance, and regulation of GCs are not sufficiently understood. The F-actin-binding, Rac-interacting protein SWAP-70 is strongly expressed in activated B cells like those in B follicles. Recent work suggests that SWAP-70 is involved in B-cell activation, migration, and homing. Therefore, we investigated the role of SWAP-70 in the T-dependent immune response, in GC formation, and in differentiation into plasma and memory B cells. Compared with wt, sheep red blood cell (SRBC)-, or NP-KLH-immunized SWAP-70(-/-) mice have strongly reduced..

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