Journal article

Modelling selective breeding in protandrous, batch-reared Asian sea bass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch) using walkback selection

Nicholas Andrew Robinson, Glenn Schipp, Jerome Bosmans, Dean Robert Jerry


University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

This work formed part of a project of the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, and received funds from the Australian Government's CRC programme, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and other CRC participants. We wish to thank the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Barramundi Farmers Association Association (ABFA), Flinders University and Nofima Marine for their support of the project. The first author was employed by Nofima under a service contract with Flinders University on this project. Thanks are due to Bob Richards, Graham Dalton and Ken Chapman of ABFA, who provided helpful advice, industry parameters and feedback on the project report and findings and to Graham Mair of Flinders University and Steven Clarke of the South Australian Research Development Institute, who helped establish the project and working agreements and provided helpful feedback on the work. Thanks are also due to Jenny Ovenden Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Damon Gore and staff at the Darwin Aquaculture Centre, Michael Macbeth QDPI, and Alex Safari Flinders University, who have all provided useful feedback and information. Thanks are also due tomy colleagues at Nofima (formerly Akvaforsk) in Norway, especially the Group Leader Kari Kolstad and Director Camilla Rosjo, who, through this and other projects, have supported our work on the bioeconomic model for selective breeding and have provided helpful advice.