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Yellow-throated miners Manorina flavigula homogenize bird communities across intact and fragmented landscapes

Alex S Kutt, Eric P Vanderduys, Justin J Perry, Michael T Mathieson, Teresa J Eyre

AUSTRAL ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2016


In Australia, the role of noisy miners Manorina melanocephala in biotic homogenization of the avifauna has been well established in modified landscapes, and is listed as a threatening process under national conservation legislation. However, less is known about the effect of the congeneric and more widely distributed yellow-throated miner, M.flavigula. In this paper we investigate the relative roles of habitat loss and increased dominance by the yellow-throated miner in avian homogenization and species functional group decline. We examined bird community data collected from 368 woodland sites across three bioregions. For each site there was a local and a landscape scale measure of remnant ve..

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