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High-level co-expression of complement regulators on vascular endothelium in transgenic mice: CD55 and CD59 provide greater protection from human complement-mediated injury than CD59 alone.

PJ Cowan, TA Shinkel, A Aminian, M Romanella, PL Wigley, AJ Lonie, MB Nottle, MJ Pearse, AJ d'Apice

Xenotransplantation | Published : 1998


High-level endothelial expression of the human complement regulatory factor CD59 has been shown to protect transgenic mouse hearts from human complement-mediated injury in an ex vivo perfusion model. In this study we examine whether co-expression of CD55 provides additional protection. CD55/CD59 double-transgenic mice were generated by co-injection of CD55 and CD59 expression constructs driven by the human intercellular adhesion molecule 2 (ICAM-2) promoter. A line was established from one mouse that exhibited strong expression of CD55 and CD59 on vascular endothelium in the heart and other transplantable organs. An ex vivo perfusion model was used to compare hearts from these CD55/CD59 mice..

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