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Ecto-nucleotidases of the CD39/NTPDase family modulate platelet activation and thrombus formation: Potential as therapeutic targets.

Ben Atkinson, Karen Dwyer, Keiichi Enjyoji, Simon C Robson

Blood Cells Mol Dis | Published : 2006


Extracellular nucleotide P2-receptor-mediated effects on platelets, leukocytes and endothelium are modulated by ecto-nucleotidases. These ecto-enzymes hydrolyze extracellular nucleotides to the respective nucleosides. The dominant ecto-nucleotidase expressed by the endothelium, by monocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells is CD39/NTPDase1. Ecto-nucleotidase biochemical activity of CD39 is lost at sites of acute vascular injury, such as in ischemia reperfusion and immune graft rejection. CD39L(Like)1/NTPDase2, a related protein, is associated with the basolateral surface of endothelium, the adventitia of vessels and microvascular pericytes. CD39/NTPDase1 hydrolyzes both tri- and diphosphonuc..

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