Journal article

Control of hearing-aid saturated sound pressure level by frequency-shaped output compression limiting.

HJ McDermott, MR Dean, H Dillon

Scand Audiol | Published : 1999


To fit a hearing aid successfully, it is important to set the Saturated Sound Pressure Level (SSPL) or Maximum Power Output (MPO) appropriately. The SSPL should be low enough to prevent sounds from being amplified to uncomfortable loudness, and yet high enough to maximize speech intelligibility and signal quality. To help attain an optimum SSPL setting, a novel output compression limiting scheme, with shapable MPO (ShaMPO), has been devised. In ShaMPO, the SSPL is shaped across frequencies in accordance with the individual user's loudness discomfort levels (LDLs). The contributions of different frequency regions to loudness are controlled by summing the amplified signal power relative to the..

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