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Coding of voice source information in the Nucleus cochlear implant system.

PA Jones, HJ McDermott, PM Seligman, JB Millar

Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol Suppl | Published : 1995


Two studies are reported in which the effectiveness of explicitly coding voicing and fundamental frequency information for the Nucleus cochlear implant was investigated. In the first study, the voicing perception of a group of three experienced Multipeak users was evaluated when they were using Multipeak and a modified Multipeak in which the explicit fundamental frequency and voicing cues were eliminated and replaced with a 250-Hz constant rate of stimulation. The results of consonant and monosyllabic word tests showed that there was no significant difference in the subjects' ability to discriminate voicing. In the second study, the ability of a group of five experienced users of the constan..

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