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Combined MEK and Pi3 '-kinase inhibition reveals synergy in targeting thyroid cancer in vitro and in vivo

Oussama ElMokh, Dorothee Ruffieux-Daidie, Matthias A Roelli, Amandine Stooss, Wayne A Phillips, Jurg Gertsch, Matthias S Dettmer, Roch-Philippe Charles



Anaplastic thyroid cancers and radioiodine resistant thyroid cancer are posing a major treat since surgery combined with Iodine131 therapy is ineffective on them. Small-molecule inhibitors are presenting a new hope for patients, but often lead to drug resistance in many cancers. Based on the major mutations found in thyroid cancer, we propose the combination of a MEK inhibitor and a Pi3'-kinase inhibitor in pre-clinical models. We used human thyroid cancer cell lines and genetically engineered double mutant BRAFV600E PIK3CAH1047R mice to evaluate the effect of both inhibitors separately or in combination in terms of proliferation and signaling in vitro; tumor burden, histology, cell death in..

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