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The mode of action of methotrexate-monoclonal antibody conjugates.

MJ Smyth, GA Pietersz, IF McKenzie

Immunol Cell Biol | Published : 1987


Drug-monoclonal antibody conjugates have been evaluated for their specificity and toxicity towards tumour cells in vitro and in vivo; however, few studies have investigated their mode of entry into cells and mechanism of action. In this study the uptake and toxic effect of three different Methotrexate-monoclonal antibody (MTX-MoAb) conjugates (MTX-anti-transferrin receptor (TFR), MTX-anti-Ly-2.1 and MTX-anti-L3T4) were examined and compared with free MTX. It was concluded that MTX and these MTX-MoAb conjugates gain entry into tumour cells and are processed by different mechanisms, considering the following results: alterations in temperature had a greater effect on the toxicity of MTX-MoAb t..

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