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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (hTNFalpha) chemically conjugated to monoclonal antibody.

GA Pietersz, B Toohey, IF McKenzie

J Drug Target | Published : 1998


Human tumor necrosis-alpha (hTNF-alpha) was chemically conjugated to the murine anti-Ly-2.1 T cell antibody using heterobifunctional crosslinking agents SAMSA and SPDP. SDS-PAGE analysis of the affinity purified conjugate consisted mainly of 1:1 and 1:2 (Ly-2.1:TNF) complexes. Conjugated hTNF retained 50% of its cytotoxic activity by the L929 cytolytic assay, with an IC50 = 0.12 ng/ml. hTNF-Ly-2.1 was also cytotoxic to E3 cells (Ly-2.1+ve) with an IC50 = 1.7 microg/ml - 3 times more cytotoxic to these cells than non-conjugated hTNF in vitro. However in vivo hTNF-Ly-2.1 conjugates were more toxic to mice than hTNF. In vivo blood clearance studies in E3 tumor bearing CBF1 mice demonstrated tha..

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