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Inheritance of resistance of cowpea to Phytophthora vignae in whole plants, cuttings and stem callus cultures

KS Bateman, JM Hinch, JE Ralton, AE Clarke, JA McKenzie, BC Imrie, BJ Howlett

Australian Journal of Botany | Published : 1989


The inheritance of resistance of cowpea to Phytophthora vignae race 2 has been examined in seedlings from F1, F2 and backcross generations from crosses between a susceptible cultivar, cv. Poona, and a near-isogenic resistant cultivar, cv. Caloona. Resistance is dominant and controlled by a single gene (gene complex). A non-subjective method, based on comparison of the lengths of lesions produced on hybrid and parental seedlings after inoculation of cut epicotyls, was used to classify hybrid plants as resistant and susceptible. This method takes into account the variation in responses to infection between batches of plants assayed on different days. Two other criteria were used to indicate re..

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