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Lymphoma of the Eyelid - An International Multicenter Retrospective Study.

Frederik Holm Svendsen, Peter Kristian Rasmussen, Sarah E Coupland, Bita Esmaeli, Paul T Finger, Gerardo F Graue, Hans E Grossniklaus, Santosh G Honavar, Jwu Jin Khong, Penelope A McKelvie, Kaustubh Mulay, Elisabeth Ralfkiaer, Lene Dissing Sjö, Geeta K Vemuganti, Bradley A Thuro, Jeremy Curtin, Steffen Heegaard

Am J Ophthalmol | Published : 2017


PURPOSE: To document subtype-specific clinical features of lymphoma of the eyelid, and their effect on patient outcome. DESIGN: Retrospective observational case series. METHODS: Patient data were collected from 7 international eye cancer centers from January 1, 1980 through December 31, 2015. The cases included primary and secondary lymphomas affecting the eyelid. Overall survival, disease-specific survival (DSS), and progression-free survival were the primary endpoints. RESULTS: Eighty-six patients were included. Mean age was 63 years and 47 (55%) were male. Non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphomas constituted 83% (n = 71) and T-cell lymphomas constituted 17% (n = 15). The most common subtypes were ext..

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