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Limbal dermoid epithelium shares phenotypic characteristics common to both hair epidermal and limbal epithelial stem cells.

Stephanie Watson, Maria Sarris, Megha Kuishek, Penny McKelvie, Edwin Figueria, Peter McCluskey, Minas Coroneo, Denis Wakefield

Curr Eye Res | Published : 2013


PURPOSE: To determine putative limbal epithelial stem cell marker expression in human limbal dermoids compared to stem cell niches in normal limbus and hair follicles of normal human dermis. METHODS: Human limbal dermoids (n = 7), normal skin (n = 2) and normal limbal (n = 7) tissue were examined. Immunohistochemistry was performed on paraffin embedded specimens using automated and manual immunostaining with primary antibodies to CK15, CK14, Cadherin-P (CDH3), Wnt-3, Wnt-4, Wnt-5a, Dickkopf (DKK)-3, Sox-2, Sox-10, Sox-13, PEDF, NGFR p75 and β-catenin. RESULTS: Positive immunostaining was found for CK15, CK14, CDH3, NGFR p75, PEDF, Sox-2, Sox-10 and Wnt 4 in the basal dermoid epithelium, limb..

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