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Universal anti-neuraminidase antibody inhibiting all influenza A subtypes

Tracey M Doyle, Anwar M Hashem, Changgui Li, Gary Van Domselaar, Louise Larocque, Junzhi Wang, Daryl Smith, Terry Cyr, Aaron Farnsworth, Runtao He, Aeron C Hurt, Earl G Brown, Xuguang Li



The only universally conserved sequence amongst all influenza A viral neuraminidase (NA) is located between amino acids 222-230 and plays crucial roles in viral replication. However, it remained unclear as to whether this universal epitope is exposed during the course of infection to allow binding and inhibition by antibodies. Using a monoclonal antibody (MAb) targeting this specific epitope, we demonstrated that all nine subtypes of NA were inhibited in vitro by the MAb. Moreover, the antibody also provided heterosubtypic protection in mice challenged with lethal doses of mouse-adapted H1N1 and H3N2, which represent group I and II viruses, respectively. Furthermore, we report amino acid res..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Jianjun Jia and Suzie Wang are acknowledged for their assistance with the animal study; Monika Tocchi is thanked for editing the manuscript. The Melbourne WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza is supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. AMH is supported by King Abdulaziz University. This work was supported by the Canadian Regulatory Strategy for Biotechnology.