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Are needs to manage uncertainty and threat associated with political conservatism or ideological extremity?

John T Jost, Jaime L Napier, Hulda Thorisdottir, Samuel D Gosling, Tibor P Palfai, Brian Ostafin

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin | Published : 2007


Three studies are conducted to assess the uncertainty- threat model of political conservatism, which posits that psychological needs to manage uncertainty and threat are associated with political orientation. Results from structural equation models provide consistent support for the hypothesis that uncertainty avoidance (e.g., need for order, intolerance of ambiguity, and lack of openness to experience) and threat management (e.g., death anxiety, system threat, and perceptions of a dangerous world) each contributes independently to conservatism (vs. liberalism). No support is obtained for alternative models, which predict that uncertainty and threat management are associated with ideological..

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