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Effects of low-fat or full-fat fermented and non-fermented dairy foods on selected cardiovascular biomarkers in overweight adults

Paul J Nestel, Natalie Mellett, Suzana Pally, Gerard Wong, Chris K Barlow, Kevin Croft, Trevor A Mori, Peter J Meikle



The association between consumption of full-fat dairy foods and CVD may depend partly on the nature of products and may not apply to low-fat dairy foods. Increased circulating levels of inflammatory biomarkers after consumption of dairy product-rich meals suggest an association with CVD. In the present study, we tested the effects of low-fat and full-fat dairy diets on biomarkers associated with inflammation, oxidative stress or atherogenesis and on plasma lipid classes. Within full-fat dairy diets, we also compared fermented v. non-fermented products. In a randomised cross-over study, twelve overweight/obese subjects consumed during two 3-week periods two full-fat dairy diets containing eit..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The following food companies provided partial support through the Dairy Health and Nutrition Consortium, with several of them providing bulk supplies of butter, cheese and ice cream: Bega Cheese/Tatura Milk Industries; Lion Dairy & Drinks; Fonterra Australia; Parmalat Australia; Murray Goulburn Co-operative; Warrnambool Cheese and Butter; Geoffrey Gardiner Foundation; Dairy Australia; Dairy Innovation Australia.We thank Sonja Middleton for dietetic advice. The authors' responsibilities are as follows: P. J. N. and P. J. M. were responsible for devising and conducting the study and for the writing of the manuscript; G. W. was responsible for the statistical analysis; K. C. and T. A. M. were responsible for the F2-isoprostane measurements and interpretation; S. P. was the research nurse and N. M. and C. K. B. were the laboratory scientists responsible for the measurements. The sponsor provided funds directly to the Institute. Author disclosures: P. J. M. and P. J. N. received grant-in-aid for the present study from the Dairy Health and Nutrition Consortium. N. M., S. P., G. W., C. K. B., K. C. and T. A. M. report no conflicts of interest.