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Mass spectrometry in the study of lysosomal storage disorders

PJ Meikle, M Fuller, JJ Hopwood

Cellular and Molecular Biology | C M B ASSOC | Published : 2003


Lysosomal storage disorders represent a group of over 45 distinct genetic diseases, each one resulting from a deficiency of a particular lysosomal protein or, in a few cases, from non-lysosomal proteins that are involved in lysosomal biogenesis. A common biochemical feature of this group of disorders is the accumulation within lysosomes of undegraded or partially degraded substrates that are normally degraded within, and transported out of the lysosome. The particular substrates stored and the site(s) of storage vary with disease type and enzyme/protein deficiency. The nature of the substrate can be used to group the disorders into broad categories including the mucopolysaccharidoses, lipido..

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