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Androgen signaling negatively controls group 2 innate lymphoid cells

Sophie Laffont, Eve Blanquart, Magali Savignac, Claire Cenac, Gilles Laverny, Daniel Metzger, Jean-Philippe Girard, Gabrielle T Belz, Lucette Pelletier, Cyril Seillet, Jean-Charles Guery



Prevalence of asthma is higher in women than in men, but the mechanisms underlying this sex bias are unknown. Group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) are key regulators of type 2 inflammatory responses. Here, we show that ILC2 development is greatly influenced by male sex hormones. Male mice have reduced numbers of ILC2 progenitors (ILC2Ps) and mature ILC2s in peripheral tissues compared with females. In consequence, males exhibit reduced susceptibility to allergic airway inflammation in response to environmental allergens and less severe IL-33-driven lung inflammation, correlating with an impaired expansion of lung ILC2s. Importantly, orchiectomy, but not ovariectomy, abolishes the sex differ..

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