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Defined blocks in terminal plasma cell differentiation of common variable immunodeficiency patients.

Nadine Taubenheim, Marcus von Hornung, Anne Durandy, Klaus Warnatz, Lynn Corcoran, Hans-Hartmut Peter, Hermann Eibel

J Immunol | Published : 2005


Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is a heterogeneous disorder characterized by defective Ab production and recurrent bacterial infections. The largely unknown causes are likely to comprise a diverse set of genetic or acquired defects. In this study, we investigated terminal B cell differentiation in lymph nodes from CVID patients. Up to the germinal center B cell stage, B cell differentiation was normal but terminal plasma cell development was found to be impaired. Using differential Blimp-1 and Syndecan-1 expression in controls, we defined three different plasma cell subsets that correspond to progressive developmental stages locating to different sites in the lymph node. In the CVID ..

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