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The lymphoid past of mouse plasmacytoid cells and thymic dendritic cells.

Lynn Corcoran, Isabel Ferrero, David Vremec, Karen Lucas, Jason Waithman, Meredith O'Keeffe, Li Wu, Anne Wilson, Ken Shortman

J Immunol | Published : 2003


There has been controversy over the possible lymphoid origin of certain dendritic cell (DC) subtypes. To resolve this issue, DC and plasmacytoid pre-DC isolated from normal mouse tissues were analyzed for transient (mRNA) and permanent (DNA rearrangement) markers of early stages of lymphoid development. About 27% of the DNA of CD8(+) DC from thymus, and 22-35% of the DNA of plasmacytoid pre-DC from spleen and thymus, was found to contain IgH gene D-J rearrangements, compared with 40% for T cells. However, the DC DNA did not contain IgH gene V-D-J rearrangements nor T cell Ag receptor beta gene D-J rearrangements. The same DC lineage populations containing IgH D-J rearrangements expressed mRN..

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