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Eleven new sequence variants of citrus exocortis viroid and the correlation of sequence with pathogenicity.

JE Visvader, RH Symons

Nucleic Acids Res | Published : 1985


Full-length double-stranded cDNA was prepared from purified circular RNA of two new Australian field isolates of citrus exocortis viroid (CEV) using two synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide primers. The cDNA was then cloned into the phage vector M13mp9 for sequence analysis. Sequencing of nine cDNA clones of isolate CEV-DE30 and eleven cDNA clones of isolate CEV-J indicated that both isolates consisted of a mixture of viroid species and led to the discovery of eleven new sequence variants of CEV. These new variants, together with the six reported previously, form two classes of sequence which differ by a minimum of 26 nucleotides in a total of 370 to 375 residues. These two classes correlate with ..

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