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fos-jun conspiracy: implications for the cell.

IM Verma, LJ Ransone, J Visvader, P Sassone-Corsi, WW Lamph

Ciba Found Symp | Published : 1990


Two nuclear oncoproteins, fos and jun (AP-1), cooperate in forming a very stable heterodimeric complex that binds to the AP-1 site on DNA with high affinity. The 'leucine zipper' domain of both fos and jun is necessary for the formation of this heterodimer. Mutations of single residues within the leucine zipper domain have no effect on protein complex formation. However, results from mutagenesis of the first leucine of the heptad repeat in either fos or jun basic regions and alteration of the spacing between the basic and leucine zipper domains indicate that the basic region of fos plays a crucial role in determining the DNA binding affinity of the transcriptional complex. Mutations of the b..

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