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fos and jun interaction: the role of the leucine zipper.

LJ Ransone, J Visvader, WW Lamph, P Sassone-Corsi, IM Verma

International journal of cancer. Supplement = Journal international du cancer. Supplement | Published : 1989


Jun and fos oncoproteins form a complex which regulates transcription from promoters containing AP-I binding sites. The "leucine zipper" domain of both fos and jun is necessary for the formation of the heterodimer, but the role of specific leucine residues is unclear. We have used site-specific mutagenesis to examine the contribution of individual leucine residues to the formation of a stable fos/jun protein complex and the binding of this complex to the AP-I site. Mutation of a single leucine in either fos or jun had no effect on protein complex formation. Furthermore, mutations of two consecutive leucines in jun did not interfere with heterodimer formation; however, in the case of fos, two..

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