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Simulations of the OzDES AGN reverberation mapping project

AL King, P Martini, TM Davis, KD Denney, CS Kochanek, BM Peterson, A Skielboe, M Vestergaard, E Huff, D Watson, M Banerji, R McMahon, R Sharp, C Lidman

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Published : 2015


As part of the Australian spectroscopic dark energy survey (OzDES) we are carrying out a large-scale reverberation mapping study of ≥500 quasars over five years in the 30 deg2 area of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) supernova fields. These quasars have redshifts ranging up to 4 and have apparent AB magnitudes between 16.8 mag < r < 22.5 mag. The aim of the survey is to measure time lags between fluctuations in the quasar continuum and broad emission-line fluxes of individual objects in order to measure black hole masses for a broad range of active galactic nuclei (AGN) and constrain the radius-luminosity (R-L) relationship. Here we investigate the expected efficiency of the OzDES reverberation ..

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