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Spectral filters in low-vision correction.

YZ Rosenblum, PP Zak, MA Ostrovsky, IL Smolyaninova, EV Bora, UV Dyadina, NN Trofimova, AG Aliyev

Ophthalmic Physiol Opt | Published : 2000


Coloured filters are used to protect the lens, retina and other ocular tissues against the hazard of light damage and to improve the quality of vision mainly in cases of ocular media opacities. Four types of yellow, amber and orange filters have been designed as tinted glasses, shields and colour covering of spectacles. They were tested on 15 adult patients with partial cataract and on 80 children with congenital pathology (i.e. macular hypoplasia, albinism, aphakia after congenital cataract). The majority of the children had nystagmus. The filters with particular spectral characteristics provide reduction of light intensity in the light-damaging range by at least a factor of five. Optimal f..

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