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T lymphocyte function in vivo. Ambivalence of the class I MHC antigen-reactive subset.

PD Hodgkin, M Agostino, K Sellins, SJ Prowse, D Bellgrau, KJ Lafferty

Transplantation | Published : 1985


Lymphocytes that recognize class I alloantigens (class I T cells) are able to lyse appropriate target cells and release lymphokines in vitro. However the relative contribution of these activities to biological, in vivo functions of these cells is unclear. It is possible to discriminate between these activities using cyclosporine (CsA). CsA inhibits lymphokine release from class I T cells but has no effect on their cytotoxic activity. The in vivo function of class I T cells is analyzed using 2 models; the local GVHR induced by the transfer of sensitized T cells to the foot-pad and islet allograft rejection induced by the passive transfer of sensitized T cells. Both reactions may be mediated b..

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