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Isotype switching by human B cells is division-associated and regulated by cytokines.

Stuart G Tangye, Anthea Ferguson, Danielle T Avery, Cindy S Ma, Philip D Hodgkin

J Immunol | Published : 2002


Isotype switching by murine B cells follows a pattern whereby the proportion of cells undergoing switching increases with division number and is regulated by cytokines. Here we explored whether human B cells behaved in a similar manner. The effect of IL-4, IL-10, and IL-13, alone or in combination, on Ig isotype switching by highly purified naive human CD40 ligand (CD40L)-activated B cells was measured against division number over various harvest times. Switching to IgG was induced by IL-4 and, to a lesser extent, IL-13 and IL-10. The combination of IL-10 with IL-4, but not IL-13, induced a higher percentage of cells to undergo switching. Isotype switching to IgG by human CD40L-activated nai..

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