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Automatic generation of lymphocyte heterogeneity: Division-dependent changes in the expression of CD27, CCR7 and CD45 by activated human naive CD4 T cells are independently regulated.

Cindy S Ma, Philip D Hodgkin, Stuart G Tangye

Immunol Cell Biol | Published : 2004


Lymphocyte differentiation is a complex process regulated by the integration of signals received through a variety of cell surface receptors that results in populations of differentiated cells that have acquired novel characteristics and effector functions. Differentiation of T and B lymphocytes into effector cells, such as cytokine-secreting CD4+ T cells, cytotoxic CD8+ T cells and Ig-secreting B cells, as well as alterations in cell surface phenotype, have been reported to be associated with cell division. Nevertheless, the genesis of heterogeneity in effector cell type is unknown. A strictly deterministic view holds that heterogeneity arises from distinct signalling histories for each fun..

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