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B cell differentiation induced by helper T cell membranes: evidence for sequential isotype switching and a requirement for lymphokines during proliferation.

PD Hodgkin, BE Castle, MR Kehry

European Journal of Immunology | Published : 1994


Small dense B cells are stimulated to proliferate by membranes prepared from activated helper T (Th) cell clones. In combination with Th2 lymphokines, Th membranes stimulate B cells to differentiate to secrete predominantly immunoglobulin (Ig)M, IgG1 and IgE. The activity in Th membrane requires the expression of CD40 ligand by the T cells, and initiation of the B cell response occurs through the ligation of CD40 on the B cell surface. We have further characterized the properties of the B cell response and found that Th membranes stimulated B cell proliferation and Ig secretion in a cell density independent manner and the majority of the stimulated B cells underwent a limited number of divis..

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